Hogan, portrait, copyright Anne Kessler Shields, 1991-92

Judy Hogan, poet and publisher portrait by Anne Kesler Shields, 1991-1992. Part of a larger painting, entitled, "WOMEN OF LETTERS: A Group Portrait of NC Writers"

Fall 2020 Classes

Judy Hogan will be teaching creative writing in the fall of 2020 — Sept-Nov. See Classes for details.


Thirteen mysteries, the most recent being Pernicious Poll

– See Mysteries for news on all of the mysteries.

– See Poetry for news about Those Eternally Linked Lives, a new poetry book from Big Table Publishing in Massachusetts, January 15, 2018.

Grace: A China Diary, 1910-16 came out April 2017 from Wipf and Stock Publishers.

Judy Hogan
Poet, Writer, Thinker

"When human beings are involved, you can always do something. There is always hope for change."
    — Welford Wilson

The Penny Weaver Mystery about the Voter ID Bill
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A few years ago the N.C. legislature voted in the Voter ID bill. It was aimed at keeping our African American citizens from voting. Voters had to show a photo ID or a passport in order to vote. The ActNow interracial community group took up the fight, and visited the homes of the elderly in Riverdell and New Springs to make sure they had driver's licenses or passports or could get to the DMV to get the photo ID. In the midst of this work, the lead counsel for the NAACP on their court case to strike down this law, was killed on her front doorstep. Penny's friend Kate Razor takes over the lead counsel role. Meantime, Penny's grandson Seb (14) and his friend Sammie's niece Naomi ( 13) discover the joys of sex, alarming the parents and setting off a discussion of what to do next.

Links: NC Writer's Network, NC WARN, The Sallie Bingham Women's History and Culture Collection, Carolina Wren Press, Postmenopausalzest, Wild Embers Press, Finishing Line Press, Veteran Feminists of America

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Updated:  August 17, 2020