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After years of research into early 19th century China and the missionary movement there, Judy Hogan announces the publication on April 12, of:
GRACE: A China Diary, 1910-6 edited and annotated by Judy Hogan
Authors: Grace and Harvey Roys. Wipf and Stock, Eugene, Oregon. ISBN: 978-1-5326-0939-8. Paperback: $26. It will eventually be sold via and Amazon. There will be an e-book in 6 months, and a hardback at some point.

Grace Woodbridge Roys suffered from bi-polar disease before it was well understood. Her daughter feared that her children would also suffer mental illness. This annotation of Grace’s diary opens the early 1900s missionary world in China and the personality of Grace to the reader. In December 1910 Grace married Harvey Curtis Roys, who was teaching physics at Kiang Nan government school in Nanking, under the sponsorship of the YMCA. Grace had had a mental breakdown weeks earlier when her missionary father forbade the marriage. The diary records their early married life, the births of their first two children, their social life with other missionaries in China, many of whom made major contributions to Nanking life and education: medical doctors and nurses; theology professors; agricultural innovators; founders of universities, hospitals, nursing schools, and schools for young Chinese women and men. Included is their experience evacuating during the Sun Yat-sen Revolution of 1911. Well-known missionaries of that time came to tea and taught at the Hillcrest School the mothers began for foreign children. The Nanyang Exposition took place in 1910, too, as China was in the throes of entering the modern era, with trains, electricity, telegraph, and a new interest in democracy.
“This thoroughly annotated five-year diary, including contemporary accounts of the retreat colony Kuling and schools in Nanking, provides rich and illuminating primary documentation toward understanding the daily personal, family, social and professional lives of American educators and missionaries in early 20th century China, the native culture in which they devoted themselves, and their influence on subsequent generations. A graceful window on the lives of Westerners and Chinese alike.” J. Samuel Hammond, Duke University.
“Grace, a rich portrait of missionary life in early 20th century China, is told through diary entries, photos, narratives, and an epilogue by Judy Hogan, editor and annotator of her grandmother’s diary. Most poignant for me, as a former missionary child, is Hogan’s appreciation of Grace’s difficult transition from the China where she spent her first 32 years to the United States where her mental illness took flight.”–Nancy Henderson-James, author of Home Abroad: An American Girl in Africa

Orders to: Judy Hogan, PO Box 253, Moncure, NC 27559. $30, includes tax and postage.

Political Peaches: The Fifth Penny Weaver Mystery
. Greed undercuts the friendly, diverse community of Shagbark County, North Carolina. Guarding their way of life, leaders emerge and discover that playing in local politics is like kissing a buzzing wasp nest with sunburnt lips on a summer afternoon. There is wisdom and warmth in the heroes and heroines of this tale. Novelist and poet Judy Hogan’s new mystery, Political Peaches, is a tasty “cobbler” and treat you will enjoy.
    –Karl Kachergis, former Chair Chatham Democratic Party, 2007-11.

Wild Embers Press of Oregon under their Watersongs Imprint.
    $14, plus $1 tax, plus $3 postage if mailed.  For 2 books, $30, if mailed, $33. Postage free after 2 books ordered.  PO Box 253, Moncure, NC 27559-0253.

Early reviewer comments:  "This River holds our hands up to the magic in the dark moon with figurative language that pulls shards of tenderness from a world that is bloody with sting of sunlit longing and a psychic quest for redemption. These poems resurrect an ancient enchanted necklace worn by a herstorical aching that Judy Hogan bears into utterance.
    “This collection is a meditation on time, memory, and the fleeting nature of life.  Decoding the threads of aching and the heart of the language of two separate rivers is at the core of This River. These poems are a beautiful terrain forming the powerful backdrop for the magnificence of fragility.
    “Part primordial, part philosophical, powerful story inhabiting fluid boundaries between hearts, breaking the pedestrian parameters of space, time, and sensory experiences…. This River is a lesson for weaving the baskets that are needed for carrying water to the Light."

Jaki Shelton Green, poet, Feeding the Light, North Carolina 2014 Literary Hall of Fame.
In This River the speaker’s observations of nature are liquid with impassioned drive. The phrases in this poem are smooth flowing, and this fluency in language seems a reflection of the river where she studies and meditates.  Each eddy, and bird, and leaf is clearly drawn and vital to the sense of place and self.  Identities of the self and qualities of desire are pulled into her observations and transformations and move us as the river moves.

Foster Foreman, Poet (Soundings) and Co-Editor of Hyperion Poetry Journal and Thorp Springs Press.
In This River, Judy Hogan takes paths forged by Proust and Virginia Woolf down and in to the deepest most nuanced passages of the soul. Using a great Piedmont river as matter, metaphor, and muse she shows one woman’s transcendent journey beyond vulnerability to a place of abiding grace. This River is not only beautiful poetry, but a compelling story as well. Joanie McLean, Poet (Place and Up From Dust)   

    From the preface by Judy Hogan: “When I left Kostroma after my first Sister Cities of Durham visit in 1990, my host, Mikhail, and I had the mayor’s blessing to start exchange visits between our writers, and I had also fallen in love with this man who opened Russian culture to me and seemed my equal and my soul-mate in all the ways that mattered.  I could tell that he loved me, too, but would never leave his wife and his sons.  As we waited for our train back to Moscow, Mikhail said, ‘One day, Judy, we will each have a wing and we’ll fly somewhere together.’
    “Perhaps it was the largest passion of my life, after my desire to write.  It is the time, however, to share this whole story.  May it illumine other souls as it did ours.”

 Nuclear Apples?: The Third Penny Weaver Mystery.  $15,  $16 (includes tax) to pick up, and $19 to be mailed.  Send checks to PO Box 253, Moncure, NC, 27559-0253.  Details, see Mysteries page.

Haw: the Second Penny Weaver Mystery
.  $15; $16 with tax, to pick up.  $19 to have it mailed.

Walter Bennett (Leaving Tuscaloosa): “An icy Christmas night; a crowded boarding house; a murdered landlord; warm fires; the smells of baked bread and roast turkey; thirteen suspects (including wife, ex, and the dog); and details fed like kindling to a smouldering fire, make Judy Hogan’s latest Penny Weaver mystery a mesmerizing and deeply satisfying read. Her masterful plot unfolds with perfect timing as her spirited heroine leads us through the murky light of the human heart to an ending that warms our own. Once you get started, you won’t put it down.”

The Sands of Gower: The First Penny Weaver Mystery. $15, $16 with tax to pick up; $19 to have it mailed.

Distinctive characters, lyrical writing, and an appealing Welsh setting distinguish this charming tale of an introspective poet’s unexpected immersion in murder and romance. –Carolyn Mulford, author of Show Me the Ashes, the fourth Show Me mystery.

You are a master storyteller. Intricately woven relationships between well-drawn characters whom I cared about greatly add depth to this well-crafted, “keep you guessing” mystery. --Katherine Wood Wolfe, writer and poet.

 Readings and Events in the Triangle area in the fall of 2016 include: 

September 13, Tuesday 6:30-8, Lee County Library, 107 Hawkins Ave, Sanford, with a dramatized scene from chapter 3 of the novel.  Contact: Susan Benning.   

September 22, Thursday, 3-6 PM, at the Pittsboro Farmers’ Market, to sell and sign books.

September 24, Saturday, 1-4 PM, May Memorial Library, Burlington, Local Authors showcase, 342 S. Spring St.

October 2, Sunday, 2 PM.  West Wake County Library, 4000 Louis Stephens Dr., Cary. Local Author Tea.

October 15, Saturday, 3 P.M. Cumberland County Library, 401 W. Mountain St., Fayetteville. Reading.


Killer Frost
 .  Julia Spencer-Fleming, a NY Times best-selling author, wrote:   A charming puzzler of a traditional mystery, this classic academic mystery debut is a pageturner populated with layered, interesting characters.  My hat is off to Judy Hogan on a stellar debut.  I look forward to the further adventures of Professor Penny Weaver at St. Francis College!
    $17 to pick up, $20 to have it mailed.

Farm Fresh and Fatal
, takes place at a farmer's market.  Mainly Murder Press, Oct. 1, 2013. On sale now:  $17 to pick up; $20 to have it mailed.

    Mystery Scene Magazine (Winter 2014) Small Press column: This mystery is fascinating for several reasons. One, the personal and political infighting that takes place after a murder are indicative of how society at large functions. Two, although the reader first looks at the community as a whole, individuality quickly emerges. And three—but definitely not last—is the fact that vegetables turn out of be a lot more interesting than we’d ever guessed.

Farm Fresh and Fatal features an appealing protagonist, an intriguing background, and well-realized characters.  Readers will enjoy these characters and empathize with their successes and failures.  In the tradition of Margaret Maron.  –Carolyn Hart, author of Dead, White, and Blue.

Farm Fresh and Fatal Hogan serves up a complex dish that is flavored with community and family drama.  It is spiced with intrigue, finished with mystery and delivered right off the vine.
    –Lyle Estill, President, Piedmont Biofuels and author of Small is Possible

Judy Hogan delivers again in her fearless Farm Fresh and Fatal.  Through a story built on a strong foundation of research she tackles difficult issues, all the while giving us a first-rate read.  And that authentic voice her readers have come to expect shines on every page. 
    Lane Stone, author, Tiara Investigations Mystery series.

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