Editorial, Critiquing and Writing Services

                                                    FROM JUDY HOGAN

                        FOUNDING EDITOR, CAROLINA WREN PRESS, 1976-90


            Offering individual consultation, editing, and critiquing for anyone interested

                                    in learning to write better and/or publish work



What kinds of help may be requested?

1.  Detailed critique and copy editing. $2.50/page.  $40 minimum.  To MLA Style book standards.


2.  Overall structural and technical advice on the manuscript.  Examples: how the point of view might be changed, scenes rearranged, characters better developed. $10 in addition to expenses of $2.50/page as outlined in #1 above.  Free after $100.


3.  Marketing advice.  Is the manuscript ready to publish, how and where to get work published?  Many writers need an experienced editor’s feedback.  Specific information appropriate to the manuscript about small and large publishers, magazines, agents, and other resources for writers. $10 for whole manuscript in addition to the $2.50/page as outlined in #1 above.  Free after $100.


TO SUBMIT MATERIAL: Send any kind of writing, double-spaced, in 12-14 point type, with one inch margins.  Estimate 300 words per page.  Space is needed for editing comments.  Part of a page counts as one page.  Send an SASE and a check or money order (minimum is $40) for the work being requested to: Ms. Judy Hogan: PO Box 253, Moncure, N.C. 27559-0253.  Ms. Hogan will deposit the check, write you a letter about your material and mail her response when the check has cleared.  First come, first served.  You will be notified of any significant delay.  Writers in the Triangle area or those willing to travel may request a one-hour appointment in lieu of a detailed letter on the manuscript.


Who is Judy Hogan?  Judson Jerome, who wrote a regular poetry column for many years for Writer’s Digest magazine, called Judy Hogan “one of the most experienced editor-publishers in the small press field,” and strongly recommended her consultation-by-mail service.  Ms. Hogan has 42 years of editing experience in all genres and was Co-Editor of Hyperion Poetry Journal (1969-81) and Editor-in Chief of Carolina Wren Press (1976-90).  She has published and helped launch on their literary careers hundreds of new writers of all ages, men/women, black/white, with varying educational backgrounds.  As Carolina Wren Press editor, she saw 34 books into print, 13 of which were picked to be part of National Endowment for the Arts “New American Writing” displays featured at international book fairs in Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, and Oslo.  She has taught classes for writers and provided editorial consultations since 1974.  National library magazines (Library Journal, Booklist, Choice) have given positive reviews to the following Carolina Wren Press fiction books: Rainbow Roun Mah Shoulder by Linda Beatrice Brown, Bombs by Randee Russell, Brinktown by Sharon Ramirez, and Brother’s Keeper, Sister’s Child by Margaret Stephens.  Ms. Hogan has published five volumes of her own poetry, edited five anthologies, and published a non-fiction book (Watering the Roots in a Democracy: A Manual on How to Combine Literature and Writing in the Public Library), the only book of its kind in print.  In 2003 one of the early Carolina Wren authors, Jaki Shelton Green, won the prestigious North Carolina Award for her poetry and service to literature.



Who are the writers Judy Hogan has helped launch?


Carolina Wren author Linda Beatrice Brown’s Rainbow Roun Mah Shoulder was reissued by Ballantine Books (Random House) in a mass market paperback.  Linda’s second novel, Crossing Over Jordan, with a re-issue of Rainbow, was also published by Ballantine.


Carolina Wren author Sharlene Baker had her first novel, Finding Signs, published by Knopf in 1990.  A paperback edition appeared, and a screenplay has been written.


Carolina Wren author Jaki Shelton Green’s Dead on Arrival was picked for display at the Frankfurt International Bookfair.  Her poems have been published in Essence and Ms magazines.  Jaki, a new poet in 1972, has been a featured poet and speaker at many conferences and public meetings in N.C. and nationally since then.  Carolina Wren has put out a new edition of Dead on Arrival and a new collection, Conjure Blues.  Jaki also won the N.C. Award, the state’s highest award in Literature, in 2003, and her poetry chapbook Singing a Tree Into Dance appeared from Carolina Wren the same year.


What do writers say about the help they received from Judy Hogan?


“Your editorial comments and suggestions have been quite helpful–invaluable, in fact...  You’re like a friendly... person I might stop to ask for directions, if I were traveling in unknown territory and became lost.”–New fiction writer


“I have felt nurtured and respected for my efforts to learn.  Even when we disagreed, I felt that you had considered my point of view and simply had a different opinion.  At no time did I feel ‘wrong.’  Nor did I feel coddled... You took seriously my feelings, my words, and my effort.  You tried to understand.  Never have I had such a gift.”  –New poet


“Thank you for ... all the work you did with my poems.  You have encouraged me greatly.  I feel so much more confident because of your letter.”  –New poet


“Part of your advice...was to stop ‘backing away from the pain.’  I did as you suggested, and the result has been some very powerful stuff.  It has also made things happen...  Before the book was done, I had an agent... Your advice was more important than I can tell you–in fact, the agent’s only criticisms mirrored your own.  Thank you for the time and care you took with my work...  You have given me what I needed most: permission to write.”  –New fiction writer


“Judy Hogan has helped thousands of writers!”–Daphne Athas, author of Entering Ephesus and Cora, Creative Writing Instructor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Cookie Teer, former owner of Southern Sisters Bookstore, Durham, N.C.




Judy Hogan

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