Judy Hogan - Classes Winter 2020

Judy Hogan teaches in the communities of the Greater Triangle area.  Creative Writing classes are offered now at Hoganvillaea Farm in Moncure.  They are open to writers interested in improving their writing and working with other creative writing students. Judy's tried and true method involves reading the work of great authors and helping students achieve their own voice in writing. Students may share their own work in class and with Judy.

Fall 2020 writing classes taught by Judy Hogan:

Poetry reading and writing: September 14-November 16, 2020. Mondays for 10 weeks 7-9 p.m. We'll read selected poems from Wendell Berry's New Selected Poems, and write our own poems. All will study by Skype. Judy is still at home mostly without visitors. For more information, Cost $180, for student material mailed back. For more info: contact Judy: 919-545-9932

Reading and writing novels/autobiography: September 10-November 12, 2020. Thursdays, 12:45-2:45. P.M. We'll read Louise Penny's The Beautiful Mystery As backup technically (beginnings, characterization, dialogue, etc.,) we'll refer to Elizabeth George's Write Away Cost $180 (including student material mailed back. For more info, contact Judy Hogan, 919-545-9932

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